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AV8 Assess - ICAO online candidate assessment application for English Language proficiency
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Groundbreaking Technology for the Aviation industry

The team recently completed the initial development of a bespoke online Aviation English Language Assessment Application that meets international standards.

The ICAO English Language Proficiency Test is now available online in South Africa.

Introducing AV8 ASSESS | Online Candidate Assessment Application for the Aviation Industry

AV8 Assess, a market leader in the aviation industry, contacted us to develop a customised solution to the industry's need for a secure and robust online English language proficiency test that met the criteria as laid out by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO). The AV8 Assess team is committed to flight safety and pays particular attention to assisting clients within the aviation flight training sector with conformity to statutory and regulatory requirements.

During the initial phase of development, our brief was to place specific emphasis on the ASSESSMENT of ENGLISH PROFICIENCY of aviation personnel, in accordance with ICAO requirements. To this end, we have created a dynamic, interactive ONLINE assessment which complies fully with ICAO requirements, as per ICAO document no. 9835.

The assessment is based on OPERATIONAL situations, including interchanges between Air Traffic Control and a pilot and is based on live scenarios that a pilot may encounter in the day to day operation and handling of an aircraft.

The assessment is entirely computer-based affording candidates the opportunity to conduct the assessment at remote locations, while interacting online with our assessors utilising webcams, voice recordings and other integrated media to complete the test.

On completion of the test, the system automatically scores a result for typed responses while a qualified and trained assessor assesses any verbal responses for pronounciation, structure, vocabulary and fluency.

The testing facility is token based and flight schools purchase tokens to be utilised by their flight training cadets. Aviation Language proficiency at Level 4, 5 and 6 are issued in accordance with ICAO International Standards.

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Groundbreaking Technology for the Aviation industry