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Tracey Pharoah - entrepreneur, aspiring writer and art gallery owner
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Thoughts and things...

I've always felt that if all else failed, I'd probably do okay writing copy for 'Hallmark Cards'...

I love words, their power to inspire us, to make us feel angry, sad or to cry at the injustice of life... To laugh, fall in love, feel pain, heartache or even be terrified to the point that our hearts race and our blood pressure rises.

Our lives are enriched by words every day, although these days there seems to be a lot more noise, its difficult to be heard, difficult to focus, difficult to filter out the noise and to actually prioritise and make sense of all the messages that we are being bombarded with... Sometimes we can find comfort by retreating to a quiet space with a good book, a place to reconnect with our souls, our subconscious and our imagination and creativity. I would like to share a few of my own words, thoughts and ideas with you... I'd love to hear yours too!


Are you your greatest achievement?

Does anyone know that you are secretly competing against them?

Some people don't know happiness as a natural state of being...
I dedicate today's moments of joy to them all :)


Today you can embrace your life or change it...
your choice!


Today is the day to do something fabulous...

What if the only thing standing between you and success is...


We're all so busy dispensing advice...
Who is taking it?


When opportunity knocks, are you there to open the door?

Aren't you just sick of all the free advice being dished out?
I learned long ago that anything worthwhile isn't free.



In a room full of old men, there is nothing more annoying
than a woman with an opinion!



Incredibly sad that Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison
so his granddaughters could have their own vacuous & inane reality show



If Facebook were a subscription, I think I'd cancel...
Ho Hum - The world just became a little more boring Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Everyone is talking, so who is listening?

So many things happen in a day...
how many actually really warrant a 'tweet'?


I write my own tweets...


I believe in Freedom, democracy as we know it is a farce...

In democracy, do we vote for: People? Party? Manifesto? Should be obvious, shouldn't it?

Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world".
Is democracy your opportunity to believe just that?


These days one is hard put to see democracy
in action anywhere in the world!


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