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About Us | Because there is always more than one way to skin the cat...

Idiom: There are many ways to skin a cat - what does this mean?
"This is an expression meaning there are many different ways of doing the same thing."

Our team has been working in both the advertising arena as well as software development since the mid 1990’s.

Having served time in the traditional world of advertising since 1992, we were fortunate to be involved in many sizeable campaigns for well known brands at the top of their game, some involving the web, (which in those days was still in its infancy) Later, we were able to apply these successful strategies to the small to medium sized business framework, utilising a tried and tested online strategy.

We provide sound, practical advice based on our experiences running a small business on the internet. With our traditional marketing background and a sound knowledge of web applications and software development, we offer a unique perspective from which to develop marketing campaigns designed to deliver cost effective results for all our clients.

We believe that there is always more than one way to achieve your goal but one thing is certain...

If you keep it simple…
Success is inevitable!

Creative Design, Branding and Innovation in Digital and Traditional Media.

We have been involved in print production, publishing, advertising and digital media since 1986.

Find out how we can put YOUR business ahead of the pack.
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